Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors & Concrete Patios

Concrete Floors

Concrete floor slabs are used for garages, basements, outbuildings, and pole barns across West Michigan.

Concrete floors provide a solid durable surface and require minimal maintenance in most installations.  

Diamond Concrete is experienced in site preparation, excavation, code requirements, and the best techniques for pouring concrete floors. 

Diamond Concrete works on all size projects and we can assist you in working through design questions / options you may have.  

Builders / General Contractors
Diamond Concrete works with a number of builders / general contractors regarding poured walls, flatwork, and more.  We are based in Hamilton but provide services across all Lakeshore communities plus the Greater Grand Rapids area. Please reach out to us at (616) 218-4721.

Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios have been around forever but still play an important role in designing any outdoor living space.

Basic Concrete Patios
Basic patios can be a small square pad for a hot tub, a patio set, and comes in the natural color of concrete (gray).

Custom Concrete Patios
Custom patios include curves, corners, flower beds, concrete benches, concrete steps, and really any design feature you may desire.  Outdoor Kitchens are popular today and poured concrete can provide custom options.

Decorative / Stamped Concrete
Concrete Patios can also have the custom look of wood planks, slate, flagstone, brick, & more.  Decorative concrete can also be colored to complement your outdoor space or provide a design contrast.  Stamped Concrete is a more economical choice than natural stone, brick, or other hard surfaces.  Stamping a brick border is much faster than having a professional mason construct one.

Begin Designing Your Project

Our focus is to deliver projects just the way you want them.

Concrete Basement Floors

Builders / General Contractors
Diamond Concrete pours a number of concrete basement floors each year for home builders and general contractors on new construction. 

Homeowners – Remodels / Additions
We also work with homeowners on remodel projects and small additions.  Every addition will require a foundation and could involve a full basement, a crawlspace, a concrete slab, or maybe just pole footings.  Call us today at (616) 218-4721 to discuss your project!

Concrete Fire Pits

Concrete Fire Pits can now be the centerpiece of your outdoor patio and concrete gives you a number of design options.

Basic Fire Pits
A simple ring fire pit surrounded by a concrete patio.  The concrete patio can be any size but generally provides enough space for 3-4 patio chairs.

Custom Fire Pits
Pourced concrete rings with stamped designs and even colored concrete to complement your home.

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