Pool Decks, Porches, & Steps

Concrete Pool Decks & Concrete Slabs

Pool Decks

Concrete provides a number of options for pool deck surfaces, including standard concrete, stamped concrete, colored concrete, and exposed aggregate.

Stamped Concrete
Homeowners can choose stamped designs of brick, stone, and flagstone.  

Slip Resistant
Standard concrete with a light broom finish is ideal for pool decking.  Exposed aggregate or a textured stamp also provides a non-slip surface.

Installation / Maintenance
Diamond Concrete only pours concrete with a “Stealth Fiber Reinforcement”, especially with stamped concrete installations.   Also, pool decking should be sealed every year to protect against pool chemicals.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs, concrete patios, and concrete decks are terms often used interchangeably in our industry.

Concrete Slabs
These are generally square slabs of standard concrete used for sheds, basketball courts, driveways, seating areas, or even outbuildings.

Concrete Patios
Please refer to our page on Concrete Floors & Concrete Patios“.

Concrete Decks
Concrete decks are essentially “concrete patios” as they are placed at ground level. Homeowners can choose a “wood deck stamp” and achieve the look of wood at a cost much less than wood decking.  Call Diamond Concrete today at (616) 218-4721.

Begin Designing Your Project

Our focus is to deliver projects just the way you want them.

Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps and terraced stairways can make a great entryway to your home or business.

Basic Steps
A basic concrete step design of 2 to 5 steps joining different levels of a patio or walkway. 

Custom Steps
Concrete is versatile and can be poured into any design you may desire.  Custom planters, flowers, and retaining walls can be incorporated into your design. 

Colored & Stamped
Homeowners & businesses can choose colored concrete and stamp block designs or replicate the look of natural stone.  

Diamond Concrete will consult with you on all the options available.  Our goal is always to design what you want at a price within your budget.  Feel free to reach out today at (616) 218-4721.

Concrete Porch

Your front porch is one of the first items any guest will see upon approaching your home.  A Concrete Porch can offer the functionality and design you want.

Basic Concrete Porch
A basic porch is simply a small landing area with steps connecting to your walkway or sidewalk.  

Custom / Wrap-Around Porch
Wrap-around porches are popular and homeowners will get more square footage for their budget with concrete.  Concrete forms can be customized to accomodate any design you may want and can include poured walls for permanent flower beds, raised planters, and more.

Decorative Concrete
Concrete Porches can be colored and stamped to replicate a brick pattern, natural stone, or wood planks.  Diamond Concrete will work with you on options and designing your porch.

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