Concrete Walls

Concrete Walls - We Do All Types

Poured Concrete Walls

Poured Walls represent more than 70% of new home construction today.  Poured concrete walls are created using forms and entire wall systems can be finished in one day.  Try to find a mason to build a cinder block wall in a day at the same price point!

In addition, poured concrete walls tend to be stronger than cinder blocks and project changes can be accomodated almost until the last minute.

Poured Walls also don’t have joints like a cinder block wall making them much easier to waterproof and less likely to leak.  

Call Diamond Concrete today at (616) 218-4721 to get an estimate on any type of concrete wall you may require. 

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete Retaining Walls are made of poured concrete using forms and can be an ideal choice for building permanent flower beds, reducing soil erosion on sloping yards, or even creating some privacy from the neighbors with a half wall.   

Poured concrete retaining walls are much stronger than landscaping blocks and can be constructed in just a couple of days. 

Colored and/or Stamped Concrete can be added to give your design the look of natural stone, brick, or flagstone.  

Custom planter boxes, concrete steps, and benches can be incorporated into any design making it more than just a retaining wall.

Begin Designing Your Project

Our focus is to deliver projects just the way you want them.

Concrete Footings

Concrete Footings are a critical part of any foundation.  Garages, home additions, and any permanent structure will have a foundation and under the foundation is a concrete footer.   These footers are responsible for handling the weight of the structure and will be sized accordingly.

Diamond Concrete assists homeowners & businesses with concrete projects across West Michigan.  Please call us at (616) 218-4721 and we’ll be happy to come onsite to discuss your plans.  We provide Free Estimates on all of our jobs.

Pole Barns | Garages | Additions

Concrete Footings, poured walls, and concrete slabs are used in all types of construction projects.   Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials available to us and you’ll always be “buying local” as most projects have concrete delivered to the jobsite.

Planning a new garage addition to your house, a detached garage, or maybe a pole barn?  Diamond Concrete can work alongside you on any project and take care of all of your concrete work. Call us today at (616) 218-4721.

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